A Girl and her Tentacle Monster Electric Spec 2009

Sol Asleep Apex Magazine 2010

Tips for Walking the Triple Five Route Grievous Angel 2015

Girls’ Night Grievous Angel 2016

Home Visit Terraform 2016

I’m Your One-Way Street PerVisions 2017

In Sunlight and in Shadow (with Alter S. Reiss) 2017

Invasive Species (in Pioneers and Pathfinders) 2019

Martian Red Star*Line 2019

The Waxing Moon and the Waning Moon The New Decameron 2020

Brother Cloud Silver Blade 2020

Kuemo of the Masks Giganotosaurus 2021

Myth Illumen 2021

Patron of the Dark Arts (with Alter S. Reiss) Bards and Sages Quarterly 2022

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