A sky with many moons and fantastical constellations above a temple by the sea

Naomi Libicki

science fiction, fantasy, mythology, and encounters with the alien

Schemes of the Wayfarer

Seventeen years ago, Keth Caider’s parents were killed in a mysterious attack. To escape the ensuing court scandal, Keth enlisted in the army, while her school rival Theraine Carfan disappeared into the Wilds. Now, Keth is the commander of the Capital Guard, and Theraine has just returned to the Imperial Court, bringing with her magical gifts from the Wilds—and the chaos of the Wilds as well.

Schemes of the Wayfarer is a standalone fantasy novel by Naomi Libicki and Alter S. Reiss, writing together as Drew Sarkis.

In Sunlight and in Shadow

Bet is sworn to the service of the Last Court, a secret magical society that exists in the shadows of modern New York City—and her heart belongs to the Grand
Sorceress. But her attempts to court Vivienne end in disaster, and disillusionment drives her from the Last Court.

The Court, however, isn’t done with Bet.

In Sunlight and in Shadow is an urban fantasy romance novella by Alter S. Reiss and Naomi Libicki.